Mission / 基本理念

To provide high quality services by taking advantages of CRO's industry knowledge and Consulting firm's problem-solving solutions, in order to contribute to customer's success and improvement in human healthcare.


Core Values / 経営方針

  1. Be the Best Place to Work / 社員が長く楽しく働ける環境を
    Employees are our most important and valuable property. Valuing the employees will eventually lead to valuable services and the success of our clients. Hence, we will provide a comfortable working environment, where employees can enhance their skills and develop their careers.


  2. Serve Client First / クライアントファースト
    We contribute to improve human healthcare and QOL through our client's business. Hence, we always consider our customer's benefits, propose successful solutions, and provide out best-in-class services. 


  3. Be Flexible / フレキシビリティ
    We continue to success our business and increase our corporate values in the rapidly changing market. Hence, we will continue to provide various valuable services with the motto "speed", "professional" and "challenge".

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