Our Consultants



Senior Consultant

Started career as a programmer and system engineer. While engaged in a EDC implementation project, got interested in clinical development and decided to develop her career in the pharmaceutical industry. Then joined Seven to One on 2014. Has expertise in EDC, CDISC, SAS programming and IT system development.



Senior Consultant

Prior to joining Seven to One in 2015, she have worked as a CRC for years and then changed her career to data management at one of the largest CRO in Japan. Have deep experience in clinical data management with a demonstrated ability of project management, communication management and quality management.



Senior Consultant

Started career at a major confectionery maker and was responsible for planning and development of health food products. Extended career to quality management of pharmaceutical products, data management in clinical research projects, and joined Seven to One in 2017 to further develop her skill around data management, analysis and programming. Currently serving as a study data management of a big pharmaceutical company.



Senior Consultant

Having worked as a data manager for post-market surveillance and extended career to PV operations for clinical and post-marketed products. Joined Seven to One in 2018 as a project manager for post-market surveillance and currently responsible for customer communication, team management and the entire service delivery. Holds Master of Science, Biology.



Senior Consultant

Prior to joining Seven to One in 2018, he have worked as a IT system engineer for 7 years and 5 years as a statistical programmer. Have deep knowledge in both IT and statistical analysis. Also a bilingual speaker and able to negotiate, build relationship between foreign stakeholders and clients.